She Carries Me

Wednesday, 29 April 202010:50 AM(View: 4051)
She Carries Me
Jennifer Berezan

She is a boat she is a light high on a hill in dark at night
She is a wave She is the deep She is the dark where angels sleeps
when all is still and peace abides She carries me to the other side.

She carries me
She carries me

She carries me to the other side. (x2)

And though I walk through valleys deep and shadows chases me in my sleep
On rocky clifs I stand alone I had no name I had no home
with broken wings I reach to fly she carries me to the other side.


A thousand arms a thousands eyes
A thousands ears to hear my cries

She is the gate She is the door
She leads me through and back once more.

When day has dawn
When death is night
She'll carries me to the other side.


She is the first, she is the last she is the future and the past
Mother of all, of earth and sky She carries me to the other side
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