Seaweed Tofu Wrap

Wednesday, 06 July 20169:40 AM(View: 3317)
Seaweed Tofu Wrap



  1. Tofu wrap
  2. Small cucumber
  3. Carrots
  4. Salted radish pickle
  5. Seaweed sheets
  6. Smoked vegi ham (optional)


- Cut small cucumber, carrots and salted radish pickle into 1/3” thick long strands. Blanch carrots until tender and set aside. Blanch cucumber in salt water with a little oil, immediately soak in cold water to prevent over cooking and yellowing.

- Lay down the seaweed wrap follow by the tofu wrap. Arrange carrots, salted radish pickle and cucumber on top. Sprinkle with pepper. Wrap tightly and seal with flour paste (flour mixed in water). Arrange on a steam platter (has holes on the bottom). Leave space between roles or the seaweed will stick and tear. Bring steamer water to boil and steam for 15 minutes. Remove from steamer and turn the rolls so the bottoms air dry.

- Deep fry the rolls until golden. Cut into bit sizes and serve.


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