Self and the Importance of Meditation

Sunday, 20 September 202011:26 AM(View: 1162)
Self and the Importance of Meditation
Self and the Importance of Meditation
Venerable Guan Cheng

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Step-by-step instructions on how to do Vipassana Insight Meditation ­— the foundation of all Buddhist meditations — from the late master Sayadaw U Pandita.
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Rejoice at being free to work on improving yourself, to get over self-pity.
Wednesday, 06 March 201912:44 PM(View: 2494)
Wednesday, 27 February 20198:52 AM(View: 2263)
"How do I make meditation into a daily habit?"
Tuesday, 01 May 201810:56 AM(View: 3152)
This short four minute video describes the process of practicing mindfulness, and the chain of events that happens in our brain as we practice.
Tuesday, 24 April 20182:36 PM(View: 2699)
Dr Alexander Berzin talks about what meditation is, and how it can be beneficial in our daily lives.
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It’s no secret that I advocate meditation as a great way to start your day, deal with stress, live in the present and more.
Monday, 18 April 20168:46 AM(View: 2920)
All delusions function to destroy our peace of mind. It is easy to see how anger or jealousy disturb the mind, but how does attachment disturb us?